Sunday, August 12, 2012

Berry boxes and baskets

Karen and I had these old wooden berry baskets sitting in our booth since October. For those of you who don't know, that's ever since we've been open! They were cute, but I guess no one has any use for berry baskets these days. Well, you wouldn't want to put berries in them, but come on, they're cute enough to put other nick nackie stuff in. Anyway, one day while searching through Pinterest I happened upon  Moonbeams and Fireflies. Ann, had found some old berry boxes and put some graphics on them from The Graphics Fairy. 
It was so cute I decided I had to do that too. I have to say though that I had some guilt about coping someone's idea so blatantly. But then I thought...isn't that what Pinterest is for? Hopefully you agree, because here they are.

I made them for the most part like Moonbeams and Fireflies did. First I whitewashed them using a light grey paint. (I guess that's greywashing), but I used my heating tool to adhere the images. I think M and F used modpodge. The weaved baskets were pretty hard since I didn't have a solid base for the entire graphic, but they still came out OK. Here they are individually.
other side of box 1
one side of box 1

one side of box 2

other side of box 2

This one was long so I used some French Ephemra. I was worried about the crack in the basket, but it actually makes it look authentic.

On the back I just used Paris

More french ephemra. I put Paris on the back of this one too.




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