Saturday, May 26, 2012

Now that Karen has introduced herself, it's now time I did the same... My name is Kathy and I am Karen's "older" twin sister. (by 17 minutes that is) She's the creative one and I'm the smarter one. hee hee. I live in San Marcos, CA with my wonderful husband Bryen, and dog Patton. Bryen is an Estate buyer dealing mostly in jewelry and coins. See his web site at Pacific Exchange. He pays up to 98% of the value (more then those guys advertising in the paper or on TV) so if you have any old jewelry laying around check him out. If nothing else he's very helpful if you have questions.

Since Karen currently lives in Wisconsin I am the one who takes care of the booth at the Urban Barn. We have lots of good deals on one of a kind antique furniture, old sheet music, dish ware, quilts, linens, handmade items, and more. Most of our furniture has been restored to a Shabby Chic look, but we also have few original finished pieces. Our goal is to make it easy to include antiques in your decor without having to do the reupholstery or refinishing yourself.  On Monday I'll be moving the booth from the back of the shop to the front. If you live near by, come check us out.

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