Sunday, June 3, 2012

dessert trays

Hi everyone. Here is a DYI project I have seen many times. I enjoyed the idea so much that I wanted to share. I started with 2 dinner size plates, 3 small plates,  some clear dessert-type cups, and clear candle holders. I acquired these items at the thrift store. You can use new or old, I happen to like the old floral dishes. For construction I suggest using E 6000 Glue from Michaels or another craft store. You'll need to figure out the best arrangements. I chose similar plates-one large and one small, one dessert dish, and one candlestick for each set.

 These are all my choices.
This is the first set I put together.
I put it together the way I liked it and started gluing from the bottom up. I decided to put the candlestick upside down to take up less surface space on the large plate. I also turned the dessert cup upside down because it has a pretty fluted edge. Make sure everything lines up from top to bottom on every side. I turned and shifted it around as I centered it. You're also supposed to put the glue on both objects before putting it together, so you need to find the center of the plate to put the glue on. An easy way to do this is put the glue on the candlestick, set it on the plate and lift it back off. Now you have a line of glue close to where you need it to be. Put the glue on the plate now, wait two minutes (as per the glue instructions), and glue together. If you get any extra glue on the plate, have some goo-gone and a cotton ball nearby and wipe the dish.
This is the second set I liked together. The plates both had some gold trim in them , so they  went together well. (Later I found a gold finial from an old lamp that I added to the top).

Here is the finished arrangement for this set with the gold finial. Again , I turned both the dessert cup and candlestick upside down.
I had an extra little plate, a small candlestick, and dessert dish that I decided to make into a little  dessert  tray. I glued the candlestick to the dessert dish to make it taller. (This would look really cute with a cupcake on it). I found this random dome later and added it. It matched perfectly. 
This is the dome off of the set.

Here is the final outcome after everything is glued. I can see these at a wedding buffet or bed and breakfast, holding cupcakes, truffles, or little tea sandwiches
This is so so easy to do and gets rid of those random dishes laying around.

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