Saturday, June 9, 2012

First graphics project

 After seeing so many people on Pinterest using graphics to repurpose old ugly stuff I decided to give it a try.I found this old lap tray collecting dust which I thought was the perfect thing to use on my first project.  I forgot to take before pictures, but this is basically what I did.
1. painted the whole thing white
2. found this French Cacao Ephemera Graphic  from the Graphics Fairy (love love love this site)
3. enlarged it using the free website called Block Posters
4. I printed the graphic out then taped some carbon paper on the backside of the graphic.
5. I taped the graphic to the lap tray and traced the graphic using a ball point pen
6. Next I simply painted the outline. (no artistic talent required)
7. Once the paint was dry I very lightly used antiquing medium to give it a slightly aged effect.
8. Lightly sanded the top
9. Spayed the entire tray with matte acrylic polyeurethene.
Voila - my finished lap tray. Next project - putting graphics on some off white, boring pillows.

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